Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Keeping My Balance

I have been reminded lately about the need for balance in my life - both professionally and personally.  I strive for balance in each part as well as between my personal and professional life. As a person who does not like to say no, I have a difficult time with this concept of balance in my life.  But I am working hard to make a concerted effort this summer.

Last night on Twitter I saw an article on summer professional reading.  The article asked each person to take a photo of their stack of professional books they would be reading this coming summer and then post the photo under #cyberpd.  I thought of the pile under my desk that I tucked there all year long for this purpose and I thought I'd come to school and take a snapshot of my stack. But when I placed the books on the ground to photograph, I thought, where is the balance in this pile?  Am I only going to read professional books? 

It's summer time after all, so where are the "for fun" books?
I had none.  I left the pile on the ground and thought once again about my quest for balance.  

Yes, I will read lots of professional books this summer (in my hammock on my deck, with a cold lemonade or other beverage in my hands) but I now realize I need to begin my search for my just for fun books too!  

Feel free to leave a title or two for me in my comment section and help me stay balanced.


  1. Your stack is much more realistic than mine! I have the same problem about reading books just for fun. A friend gave me The Goldfinch for my birthday and I'm determined to at least read that. Happy reading!

  2. I try to read a combination of books, too, rotating between novel, non-fiction, and mindlessly entertaining! Last summer, I loved The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, Outliers (Malcolm Gladwell), How Children Succeed (Paul Tough), and Catching Fire. I haven't decided what's on my list for this summer, though I've heard great things about Gone Girl and Where'd You Go, Bernadette? Happy summer, and happy reading!!