Monday, June 2, 2014


Each week I push out a "weekly reflection" for my school. The posts, in the form of an email, typically highlights a few thought provoking article about literacy. A few weeks ago I wanted to try a new tech tool so I pushed out this ThingLink highlighting articles and videos about stamina and volume in writer's workshop.
When I saw a post on the DigiLit facebook page about ThingLink, I decided to post the ThingLink I created for my first ever DigiLink post.

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  1. Christine,
    Thank you so much for joining in the link up for DigiLit Sunday. I love your thinglink! I had to run get a pen and jot down all the ideas for my writing workshop next year. I especially liked the link to The Reading and Writing Project and then to Betsy's stamina chart. I am going to do this next year to build the writing stamina of my students. And give them felt tip pens! Who knew?