Thursday, March 10, 2016


Yesterday was unseasonably mild in New England. We shattered records with temperatures in the high 70’s.  A Facebook meme put it all in perspective with a photo of 70” of snow we were shoveling last year compared to the 70 degrees we were enjoying this year.

Our principal decided to surprise the students with a drop everything and stroll moment at 1pm so we could all get outside to enjoy this gift of a day as a school community.  I walked with a kindergarten class.  We were all skipping and enjoying the fresh, warm air.  Someone said they saw flowers, but upon further examination, it was the greens of a long forgotten crocus.  No flower to be found there but we were now on the hunt to find some spring bloom. As we turned the corner I spotted a yellow mass against the brick foundation.  We all ran over to look closer.  It was a dandelion. What a delight!  The students were jumping up and down crouching in closer when someone spotted a bug crawling on the flower.  The kids all squealed with delight. The children spent a few minutes observing the bug and delighting in the mid afternoon break.  “Let’s go”  cried the teacher and the students quickly gathered back in line and walked away on the lookout for another flower around the next corner.  

As we neared the door to head back into the building, I overheard one of the boys saying “That was the best school day ever!”

All because of a dandelion and a bug on a stroll in March.

Today is Day 10 of the Slice of Life Story Challenge. Thank you to for sponsoring the month long writing challenge.


  1. Great idea by the boss. It seems yesterday was like that most everywhere. We were outside too, playing dodgeball together, something seemingly simple but not so with a group of second graders who never experienced the game before. Thanks for the lovely read this morning.

  2. I love the idea of a "drop everything and stroll moment". I bet the kids were even more engaged in their learning afterwards. There's nothing like fresh air to clear the cobwebs.

  3. What a concept...drop everything and stroll! I am getting so tired of go-go-go, and not taking enough time to allow our children to explore and play outside. Bravo to your principal!