Friday, March 11, 2016

Learning About Poetry

I have been so inspired by the poetry written by the slicers so far that I wanted have a go myself. Without even thinking about it I started this trite little rhyme.  I judge it sounds like something I wrote in 3rd grade, but then again, that was the last time I think I wrote a poem anyway! 

And what was the lesson learned? I need more mentor texts in this genre.

My head is full
I’m about to explode
So much learning this week
I’m on overload

Two days of PD
That I was truly needing
One about data
The other about reading

Don’t get me wrong
I love to learn
It’s just that I can only process

so much at a turn

I am a first time participant in the month long Slice of Life Story Challenge. Today is day 11 of this March madness sponsored by: Two Writing Teachers.


  1. I, too, get inspired by the poetry I see. Way to be brave and share your poem. I always feel more nervous sharing my poetry than my prose.

  2. I have to write poetry almost every day. It is just what I do. I had a long break from it, but for the past 5 years, I have written hundreds of poems.
    You, my dear, are starting well! Keep it up. Write another tomorrow! I'll be back.

  3. Last year I was a first time slicer. I wasn't able to every day, but I was pleased with my accomplishments. I too was inspired with poetry. I spent time collecting mentor texts the past year and started writing. Just go for it and have fun. And, I love your poem...been there too!