Saturday, March 12, 2016

My Favorite Place to Write

Today is day 12 of the Slice of Life Story Challenge 2016. Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for inspiring me to write every day!

A request went out to all Slice of Life Story Challengers to submit a photo of your favorite place to write, or a place that inspires you to write.  While my writing inspiration picture is not one I can go to on a daily basis, these mountains continue to fill me with inspiration, both personally and professionally.  I have at least three slices that are on my ideas page that are waiting to be written.
I traveled to these Swiss Alps last summer with my adult children as part of a family vacation. My kids told me this trip would probably be the last vacation we took as a family without grandchildren.  (And yes, both married children are now expecting!)  We traveled to many areas of Switzerland, but the one area I will fondly remember is the Bernier Oberland district.  The mountain packed area is filled with vistas that simply took your breathe away. How cliche that sounds but this area of the world truly is magnificent.

I lived out my Heidi dreams here, walking through meadows full of cows, tall grasses and colorful flowers. I ran through edelweiss covered fields singing my favorite Sound of Music songs (yes, I know, that was Austria, but it felt the same and yes, there was edelweiss).  We celebrated the second anniversary of my husband's passing at the top of the Schilthorn at Piz Gloria, elevation of 9744 feet. (Live Cam)  We took the last gondola to the top, watched the sunset, and raised a glass to celebrate his life.

The trip was a summer ago, but I keep many pictures of these views around me as I find these images help me reflect on the important things in my life - family and faith. There are certainly many stories and lessons to be learned, just waiting to be shared, all from this glorious place.


  1. That sure looks like Alm Uncle might come walking around the corner of the shed any minute.

  2. What a beautiful picture and slice. Sounds like a wonderful trip and now wonderful little people will be arriving soon. Did they know something?

  3. Wow! Aren't mountains so magnificent? Makes me feel so insignificant just looking at them. The cows and I would get along swimmingly.
    I love that you take these vacations with your adult children. It shows you live out the intentional focus on your children.

  4. Happy news about your soon to arrive family members. I bet the gondola ride was magnificent.

  5. Mountains are incredible sources of strength - what an exciting trip you had! Thank you for including the live webcam so we can experience the view for ourselves.