Monday, March 21, 2016

TCRWP Keynote Andrew Solomon

Today is Day 21 of the daily Slice of Life Story Challenge being held during the month of March. I am a first time participant enjoying all there is to learn about writing. Thank you Two Writing Teachers for sponsoring this event.

Andrew Solomon - Keynote
The 90th Teachers College Reunion began with an incredible keynote from  Andrew Solomon.  Lucy Calkins introduced him as one of the most inspirational speakers she had ever heard. And before Andrew even came on stage we were already moved to tears watching the trailer from his book:  Far From the Tree. See for yourself here.

Andrew's message was deep and personal.  He opened my eyes to thinking about the differences and similarities of illness and identity.  He defined the difference between love, which most child receive the minute they are born, and acceptance, which is more of a process and can often take time.  He challenged me to new thinking when he said: “lack of acceptance does not mean no love.”  

But it was his mother’s words that hit me the hardest: “The love for your children is unlike any other and until you have children you don't know what it feels like.”  As a parent to three wonderful children I know and live these words.  But Andrew challenged me to go beyond my children and to think about all parents, especially those who have “extraordinary children,”  for they too love their children. He asked us to be unafraid of the diversity and challenges of our students because as educators we are called to love them all like they are our own children.  We need to see that same light each parent sees in their child, for that light can be found in each and every person.  


  1. Christine - thank you for sharing. This clip was new to me --truly inspiring. I love the idea of "extraordinary children" - seeing the light found in each and every person -- seems to me this is what life should be. This will be on my mind for some time!!

  2. This is fantastic- I feel like that parent love pulls at me with some of my students as well...thank you for sharing this!

  3. Once again I'm reminded that I really need to get to a TC reunion weekend! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I'm so glad you shared. I never heard of Andrew Solomon. I've watched the video and downloaded a sample of his book. Powerful stuff!

  5. I was so touched by his keynote too... finding triumph in trauma is powerful stuff!