Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Unexpected Happens

I am participating in the Slice of Life Story Challenge everyday for the month of March. Thank you Two Writing Teachers for providing this opportunity. Today is day 27.

The Unexpected Happens

Yesterday all the expected plans for the weekend were thrown in the air and big changes happened. Let me just say that I am not good with change.  I should be better at accepting uncertainty considering my life of the last three years, but that's another story.  
Here are my unexpected happenings…
  • Taking a walk in the woods with my daughter, son, and daughter in law and dog

  • Finding a hidden treasure in a state park
  • Seeing some new and unusual spring blooms

  • Shopping at 1 pm on Easter Sunday for the fixings to make an impromptu Easter dinner

  • Calling our daughter and son in law to find out that they can join us for dinner!
  • Holding hands around the table for grace

How special it was that due to that crazy unexpected change, our family was able to gather for Easter dinner. I feel so blessed and loved.  

When am I going to learn that embracing the unexpected almost always brings about goodness?


  1. I can't see the pictures!!! What happened? What did you find? Glad your day turned out well but I am in need of some answers!!

    1. Yes - the unexpected continued to happen when I noticed this morning my pictures did not load. Argg! Alas, solution found and now you see my beautiful "unexpecteds."
      Waiting on baby - Easter plans gone awry, but all is well. Baby just needs a few more days with mom and the side benefit was that we were all brought together for the day!

  2. Love pictures! My bday is March 31 --hope to have a new birthday twin!! Glad you were able to be together!