Tuesday, August 30, 2016

New Year Resolutions

Today marks the first day back to school for our students. For teachers, today really is New Year's Day as we think about goals and new beginnings. As I was preparing for the new academic year I was pondering all the things I wanted to be and do differently. My inspiration came from the church homily I heard this weekend on living humbly. Upon hearing the words, I began thinking about my role as an instructional coach and reflected on how I could be more humble in my daily work with teachers, students and administrators. I began to ponder: What does being humble look like? To me it means:
Talking less
Listening more
Admitting you are wrong
Asking for forgiveness
Admitting you don't know
Asking permission to help
Asking for help
And most importantly not taking yourself so seriously.

That's a heavy list but I have decided to take on the challenge of being more humble this school year. To be successful in this new endeavor I will need to keep this list close by as a reminder to myself of this practice. More importantly, I will also need accountability to make this happen. Thank you Two Writing Teachers and the Slice of Life community for providing me with this space to write and share. Posting this resolution makes me accountable to the world!


  1. These look like great goals. I think I'll spend some time thinking about my own today. Written goals are a great motivator for me.

  2. I also celebrate this time of year as New Year's Day. You have some excellent resolutions.

  3. There's something powerful about posting something like this publicly. Good for you for making a public commitment to these things, Christine!