Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A 5 minute Snippet of Life at the Lake

The sunrise - changing colors from grey to orange to gold

The waters - in perfect harmony with the spectrum in the sky

The swans -  a new gray colored bird spotted with her white friend - perhaps it’s mother

The geese - forming their V and calling in their awakening voices

Sleeping swan - Lifting their heads briefly as the noisy birds fly over head

More geese - Running across the water, flapping their wings in attempts to capture their cousins

Morning has broken

Thank you to the Two Writing Teachers for creating a space each Tuesday, for me and so many others to capture nature at its finest.


  1. Beautiful snippet and gorgeous photo to accompany your musings!

  2. Gorgeous!!! I saw the most amazing sunset when I picked my son up yesterday. We pulled over and just absorbed the beauty -- he also took a picture and posted it -- but we still had a moment of just being and appreciating the beauty in our world.

    Thank you for sharing yours