Tuesday, September 20, 2016


I have been in denial.
Despite the fact that we have been in school for 14 days, I still want to live like it is summer.  Late night movies, cookouts, stargazing, and extra family time are still wanting to be on my daily agenda. My first summer on the lake held lots of promise, especially those noted in a Slice of Life post in June. My vows included:
  • Enjoy more ice cream cones
  • Float on the lake
  • Laugh with my children and new grandchildren
  • Read for pleasure daily
  • Stop, look and listen to the lake
  • Spend TIME with friends
  • Kayak in the early morning or sunset hours
  • Take more nature pictures
  • Write for fun
As I reflect on my list, I'd say I was fairly successful in fulfilling these promises this past summer, rating it a 7 on the scale of 1 to 10. And as the season draws to a close I still yearn for more.  I keep trying to squeeze in that promise that wasn’t quite filled: more friends over, kayaking and reading each day. But alas, fall calls, as noted by our neighbors taking their boats out of the water for their seasonal repairs and winterizing. The sun is setting earlier and the geese are practicing their Vs.  

My #itsstillsummer needs to be put away to be replaced with #fallonthelake, and I guess I don't mind. For fall brings a beauty of its own!

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