Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Writing Time

Writing takes time.
I know because every Tuesday morning I wake up and realize that once again I don't have a post for the Tuesday Slice of Life completely written.  My ideas are drafted out with the promise of refining over the weekend but Tuesday morning arrives quickly and I wake up early to pull it together.  It is not a good use of my time, nor do I judge that it is my best writing, but I post regardless.  

So why do I continue to write?  I write on this Tuesday Slice post because I truly believe that to be a good writing teacher I need to live a writerly life.  I have learned so much about the writing process since starting this “slice” journey and I am determined to continue.  And today I am once again growing in my knowledge of what it takes to be a writer: time, and lots of it!

Thanks to my Tuesday Slice posts and the community that supports this writing habit, I see the importance and the value of the time devoted to daily writing workshop. There is urgency in the daily writing habit.  There is value in the traditions of the workshop routines established in the earliest of grades.  There is importance in camaraderie of partners and peers to listen to their words.   In our writing workshop we are planting the deep seeds necessary to produce great authors.  We are developing lifelong habits for writers. We are creating writers that long to put pen to paper! 

Boy do I wish I had writing workshop when I was 7 years old!  Maybe then I wouldn't be panicking every Tuesday morning!   

Thank you to the Two Writing Teachers for providing the space to help guide me in my writing journey!


  1. I'm impressed that you write every day!I love that you remain committed to your own writing self. That's probably the greatest gift you give your students-- kids know when we are writers, too.

  2. Love your celebration of the process! It is not about being perfect -- it is about learning how to successfully fail. I am truly an expert at successfully failing. Glad you are not giving up - love having you part of this community. Hope all is well.

  3. The writing habit is a good one--stick to it! See you next week :)