Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Time to Make the Donuts: Playing with How To’s

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Time to Make the Donuts: Playing with How To’s

My niece's baby shower brunch was last weekend and I offered to make homemade donuts. I have an old time favorite recipe from my mom that I like to use so I proceeded to make them.  As I was cooking the donuts I heard my mom whispering little tips to me.  Since I am relatively new to living a writerly life, I started thinking about how those tips would look in a how to text so I decided to have a go at it.

How to make Donuts:

You Need:

Donut batter (made from an old recipe)
Cooking Oil
Heavy pan
Candy Thermometer
Paper bag filled with sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg

First fill a heavy pot half-full with cooking oil and heat to 375 degrees
While the oil is heating up, make the donut batter according to the recipe
Using two spoons, drop a spoonful of batter into hot oil
Remove the donuts from the oil and place immediately into sugar mix
Serve warm

Tips from my mom:
Do not flip the donuts over in the oil. They will flip themselves when they are done on that side.
Use a slotted spoon to remove cooked donuts from oil.
A paper bag for the sugar mix helps absorb the hot oil making the donuts less greasy.
These donuts taste best hot, so eat immediately.

If there are any leftover donuts, heat them up in a toaster oven.

When I started envisioning this what this "how to" would look like on the page, I imagined creating a 6 page book, one page listing the ingredients and the other 5 pages for each step.  I humorously thought it could be cute to draw my mom speaking to me from a little angelic cloud at the top of the page whispering the tips to me at the appropriate times. 

What a fun experiment this was!  Now that I have had a chance to play with this genre a little, I appreciate "how to's" so much more!


  1. I like how-to's. And this one has me wanting to make doughnuts! I haven't made them in years, but it might be time to try again.

    1. Feel free to use my mom's recipe - it's yummy!

  2. I haven't thought about writing a how-to's. How fun! I might give that a try soon. :) And your donuts sound AMAZING!