Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Blog Stats - A Year in Review

2016 - My Blog in Review 

Here's what I discovered:

The five highest pageviews for the year were:

Posts with the Most Comments:
5 posts had 10 comments each: 

Interesting side notes:

  • Each of the top five posts were posted in March, during the Slice of LIfe Challenge.
  • All of the highest commented posts took place during the month of the Slice of LIfe Challenge  
  • I wrote a total of 64 posts last year 
  • Prior to writing for the Slice of Life Challenge, my highest pageview total was 69.

So what do all these numbers tell me?

  • Saying yes to the March Slice of LIfe Challenge brought more readers to my site.
  • I need to continue writing and blogging!  
  • I love looking at stats, but what I have learned about data is that it only tells part of the story.  We can never forget to look beyond the numbers and explore the passion behind those figures, whether for blog stats or for reading and writing scores in our children.  Passion tells another deeper story!  A story that will drive our next steps.  For me behind my numbers lies the fact that I have the passion to be a better writer, writing teacher, and writing coach.  And I have found a supportive community of slicers that lovingly supports this fledgling writer grow.  And for that I am grateful! 

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  1. I love looking at my stats, too. Not every post gets read the way I hope it does, but that just encourages me to continue.