Tuesday, January 3, 2017

One Little Word for 2017

This year I am picking one little word to focus on in lieu of a lengthy new year's resolution. Sounds easy right!  Well, choosing this one little word to concentrate on for the year was more difficult that I imagined. 

I started a week ago by jotting down words that struck me.  I read blog posts and Twitter feeds of people announcing their one little word. I even channeled my artsy side by sketching out a few words with my new markers in hopes that I would be inspired.  Nothing was working. Then my mind wondered to my two little grandchildren and the word joy popped into my head. 

At first I thought the word was too trite, but as I reflected on my grieving and sadness of the last few years I realized that the word joy is anything but trite!  I thought joy was a word that I would never be able to use again, but then along came these cute little babies. And it wasn't just the babies that brought joy, it was also the sight of our children, holding and cooing and caring for these little innocent beings. It was seeing our family come together to laugh, to share and to be in awe of this new life. We were experiencing this joy as a family once again!   
It makes sense now - this word joy.  It will be my guiding word for 2017, in all aspects of my life:  my children, my grandchildren, my friends, and my work.  Joy won't come easy in all those areas, but it is what I want and what I know is needed, and it certainly is what my husband would want for me and for us all.  2017 WILL be the year of joy!  

Stay tuned! 
My hope is to dedicate one Slice of Life blog post each month in 2017 celebrating the joys I found, or rather on the joys that found me.  

I am grateful to be supported by the bloggers in the Slice of Life community.  Thank you!


  1. Joy comes unexpected at times in our lives, maybe when we need it most. I am glad you found joy and will be focusing on it throughout the year.

  2. Joy is a wonderful word! And by focusing on it, you not only create a better, deeper life for yourself, but also for those around you. It's a gift:>)

  3. Joy is a terrific word! And it's perfect for celebrating a year that includes the "wonderfulness" of grandchildren! Happy 2017!

  4. I have always thought that the C. S. Lewis book title "Surprised by Joy" was about the best title ever. Wishing you a year where you accentuate the positive and find joy in things great and small.

  5. Joy has its way of finding us, even in ways we don't expect. I hope 2107 brings you much joy with your grandchildren and so much more.