Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Joy of Giving

My one little word for 2017 is joy.  This seemingly simple word was not a word I wanted to accept, but as a recent widow I knew it was a word I needed to embrace. I don't think there is a lack of joy in my life, rather I believe I need to be open to see the joy that is right in front of me everyday. It can be easy to slip into the "oh woe is me" attitude, so choosing joy for my one little word was one way to discover it more readily.   

The perfect example came this weekend when I was heading out to meet my niece's new baby boy. Right after he was born, I sent along the cutest little outfit befitting of the football fan that he was destined to be. So when I woke up Saturday morning I decided to make the new parents a plate of cookies because I didn't want to arrive empty handed.  I chose my favorite little gingerbread snap cookies that I typically make for my family on Valentine's Day. While I was making the cookies my home was filling with the wondrous aromas of ginger and spice, and I was filled with the feelings of joy from being able to do something for someone else.  It was a light feeling of joy that had me smiling ear to ear. 

For the last three years I have been the recipient of so much love and care.  Family has been right there to take me out to the movies or dinner, friends have invited me over to watch football games, and colleagues have dropped off surprise little gifts.  Receiving these little treats brought me great joy.  And now, it was my turn to return the favor. It felt warm to be on the giving end again and thinking about others instead of myself.  My joy was pure, found in a little plate of cookies.  But it was a joy from being able to give from the heart and not just receive. 

Thank you to the Two Writing Teachers for providing a space to practice the craft of writing.    


  1. I find it "funny" how quickly we forget the joy of giving. I always wonder why and how I forget that feeling so quickly. I'm sorry to hear about the passing of your spouse. But what a blessing to have so many willing to give to you when you needed the giving. And what a bigger blessing to be able to be the giver now.

  2. I think joy is the perfect word. You are strong beyond words and I have no doubt that you have been giving all along. I look forward to hearing about your journey this year.