Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Family Joy

This morning I am back home basking in the memories of the weekend away with my children and grand-babies.  It was a weekend planned to be spent simply being together, doing not much more than eating, playing games, taking walks, snowshoeing in the woods, and then eating some more.  
I think these photos capture the joy better than any words I could write while I recoup this morning.

Bebe (Grandma) pushes her babies in the new sled she bought for them Christmas.
They both napped in there while we pushed the sled on the snowy Maine roads.

50 degrees and sunny in Maine in February?
Soaking up the sunshine and warmth!

While snowshoeing we found a cute little snowman built by a previous hiker.
This is our face when the dog decided to jump on top of the snowman and cause it to tumble down.

This epitomizes my one little word - JOY!

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  1. Two babies reading on your lap? You're right. That is PURE JOY!

  2. What a wonderful weekend you had! Thanks so much for sharing the joy with both words and pictures!