Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Slice of Life Starts Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the beginning of the March Slice of Life writing challenge sponsored by the Two Writing Teachers.  This is the tenth year the Two Writing Teachers have sponsored this writing challenge and this will be my second year participating.  

Participating in the daily challenge last year changed my writing life and transformed the way I teach writing. I have more empathy when students are at a loss for ideas.  I have a greater understanding for the need to stay on topic.  I have grown to understand the importance of feedback, especially in terms of compliments.  All of this because of the Slice of Life challenge.

It is still daunting to think about writing a post a day.  The pressure weighs heavy on my mind as I think about the challenge.  But as with all good things, the growth is the most when the work is the hardest.  And so I signed on for another year of writing growth.  I am ready, willing and able.

What about you?  Are you ready to grow and learn as a writer?  There is still time to sign up here.


  1. This will be my seventh year--Holy Cow! Little did I realize how much I would love this. The last couple of years I have faltered at the end and did not finish. This year I am determined to write 31 days

  2. This is my 4th year, but I really questioned participating the 2nd year because I knew how challenging it can be. I am glad I persevered and I'm glad you'll be back.

  3. This is my 4th year and when I think about how I have changed as a teacher, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for this community. Good luck and write on!

  4. Sad I will not be joining this year -- but hope to respond to slicers each day!! Enjoy!