Sunday, March 5, 2017

A Perfect Saturday

Today is day 5 of the month long writing challenge sponsored by Two Writing Teachers.  I am ever grateful to this community for the opportunities to write and to connect with other writers. 

A list poem capturing a perfect Saturday

A Perfect Saturday

Slipping into my bathrobe
Paying some bills
Reading some mail
Showering at 9am
Picking up a friend
Entering a cafe
Sipping some coffee
Eating delicious quiche
Listening to live music
Bumping into my sister
Sipping more coffee
Stopping at an art studio
Shopping for groceries together
Heading into a warm home
Watering my plants
Reading a few slices
Attending mass in honor of a friend
Gathering for soup and sandwiches
Walking home
Crawling into bed
Reading a good book
Drifting off to sleep 


  1. Love this! Sounds like a perfect day. Love how you organized your writing!

  2. Oh - I long for a day like that. Your home sounds so beautiful - peaceful - in each of your posts. I can almost feel it through your writing. I also read yesterday's post -- if you need any help with your bookroom please be in touch!! We would to brainstorm with you.

  3. Nice Saturday. Hope next one brings as much comfort and joy.