Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Today is day 15 of the month long writing challenge sponsored by Two Writing Teachers.  This is my second year participating in this challenge.  Thank you for this supportive community


I usually write my slice the day before and schedule the posts to go live in the wee hours of the morning.  But here I am sitting at my computer writing this post this morning and hoping a few words come to me. I don't lack for ideas, rather I lack focus and clarity.  The thoughts are churning in my mind for what to write about: yesterdays storm? my neighbors? receiving help? This is us? They all seem like such easy topics to write about, yet I can't quite make them work.  Maybe I can't write because I procrastinated and waited until this morning to get this done.  I must admit I am a little fuzzy because I stayed up too late to watch the season's ending of a favorite show.  I figured I'd have a delayed opening with time to write this morning.  But now here it is 7am and I have to rush out the door for a jam packed day at school.  It's now or never.  
I have to write! I have to write!  Get it done the clock is ticking!  Hurry!

Is this how a student feels writing an on demand?

Addendum: The Two Writing Teachers added two new badges to add to our slices.  Funny how these were released today.  I am adding both badges to my post this morning because of my lack of focus today, but typically I am a planner!

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