Sunday, March 26, 2017

Lakefront Worries

Today is day 26 of the month long writing challenge sponsored by Two Writing Teachers

Lakefront Worries

The swans gracefully swam by my lakefront window as I was cleaning on Saturday morning. I stopped my scrubbing to pause and admire their beauty on the grey cloudy day. There were only three swan today.  Knowing that swans mate for life and usually swim in pairs, I began to wonder.  Where was the fourth swan? What happened?  

My wondering turns to worry.  

It's not the first time I have worried about these swans.  A few weeks ago I woke up to find a swan sitting on the ice.  He appeared frozen to the spot.  The ice had turned rather slushy the day before but now with the temperatures hovering below freezing I wondered whether he was now frozen to the ice.  It was only 6am but I decided to text my early rising neighbor / sister-in-law.  

I had to leave for work but I continued in my worries over the frozen swan dilemma.  The one swan had not moved from that same spot.  I decided to text my daughter once I arrived at work to see if she could keep an eye on them through the day:

And finally, I get relief at 10:23 am:

Silly worries?  Yes, it is a silly worry, but it's odd how it brings me a much needed sense of peace.



  1. I don't think it is silly worries. I see morning doves alone and think of the same thing knowing they mate for life too. Wondering if something happened to its mate and will this bird have to be alone for the rest of its life.

  2. I agree - I would worry as well. Glad they are ok!

  3. Not silly at all. We only had one swan on pond several years ago and then he/she left. Returned briefly with another one and then they both went away. I miss our swan.

  4. Thank you for caring so much. I still wonder what happened to the fourth swan. They sure are graceful aren't they?

    1. Me too! As of this afternoon - still only 3!