Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Phone Number Poetry - Please Come Spring

Today is day 28 of the month long writing challenge sponsored by Two Writing Teachers.  This is my second year participating in the month long challenge.

Phone Number Poetry: Please Come Spring!

I have enjoyed reading a variety of poetry slices posted this month during the March Slice of Life Challenge.  So far I have tried two new formats: the ABC poem, and the book spine poem.  Today I take on the challenge of writing a phone number poem. In 59 Reasons to Write;  Minilessons, Prompts, and Inspiration for TeachersKate Messner explains that in order to write this type of poem, first you need to think of a theme and then write your phone number down the side of the page (For privacy purposes, I deleted my numbers.  Note: There are some zeroes in my number).  Begin writing the poem, adding the same number of words as represented by that part of your telephone number. 0 is a wild card so you can write as many words on that line as you'd like.

I am in serious need of some spring, so I decided to write on my longing for the season of winter to be over with!

Please Come Spring!

Please come spring.  Please come!

Photo of daffodils taken exactly one year ago!  
Where are they?
I miss you.

The shoots are stuck underground, buried in snow.

Waiting to defrost...

Waiting, waiting.

I need you.

I crave your warmth and sunshine.

I dream of sweet green grass.

I yearn for forsythia blossoms.

Oh spring, please return!


  1. "I crave your warmth and sunshine!" Yes! Exactly my thoughts! Lovely pleading poem for spring!

  2. Spring rains have hit the Ozarks and we have been enjoying some warmer temps. Love your format - will have to give a try.

  3. Do you think spring's ever going to show up in New England? I'm worried that we'll head straight to summer at the rate we're going! I've read other slicer's number poems, and I've loved many of the products. Your repetition works to create rhythm in it. I'm marking it as a mentor for a poetry unit. Thanks!