Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Today is day 7 of the month long writing challenge sponsored by Two Writing Teachers.  I am grateful to the coordinators for pushing me to write each and every day  - helping me to live that writerly life.


Slicing each day in March has been a wonderful way to live the writerly life. I have certainly improved in my personal writing but more importantly I have grown as a teacher of writing. Slicing each day has also forced helped me to develop other skills that I didn't give much thought to, especially the actual skills needed to successfully blog.

I have discovered how to
  • Draft a post
  • Schedule a post - such a time saver!
  • Add a hyperlink
  • Use the quotes to indent text
  • Wrap text - see below

Lessons I learned the hard way
  • Put a title on your post - or else your first line will of your post will be your url
  • Layout can be tricky - Blogger doesn't let me play with pictures and text in any creative manner
  • Keep the look of your post simple - again my creative side and blogger don't always get along

Questions I still have
  • Is there a way to schedule a link to appear on the Two Writing Teachers site?
  • How can my blog post automatically feed into Twitter, Facebook or Instagram? (Since writing this I rediscovered how to make this work!)

Who would have thought that writing each day would help me grow in these life skills? Learning is messy isn't it!


  1. As a first time Slicer, I have been so grateful for all the advice and tips that were shared. Some before SOLC began, and others embedded in posts. So much to learn. I picked up a few tips from your post today, so thank you!

  2. Sometimes I spend more time fighting with blogger over formatting issues, color choices, and fonts than I do writing my post. And now I want to know how you managed to make a blog post automatically feed into Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

  3. I've learned so much from blogging! It gives me impetus to dive into tech stuff that I wouldn't have considered otherwise. As far as I know, we can't automatically add our links to the TWT website.