Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Snow Fleas and Curiosity

Today is day 8 of the month long writing challenge sponsored by Two Writing Teachers.  I am grateful for this space to share my slice of life, AND for the community that supports living the writerly life!

Snow Fleas and Curiosity

"Hey guys!  Hold on! Look here!  See all these black dots in the snow?  Touch one with your pole and watch what happens." 

"Wow! They moved. I thought it was dirt. What are they?"

"They're snow fleas." 

"What?  Snow fleas?"

"Where did they come from? How do they stay alive?"

"I'm not sure but let's google it when we get home."

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My adult children were intrigued to watch and question the new found creature in the snow.   We had just  begun a snowshoe trip when I noticed these tiny little creatures hopping in the snowbank.  The creatures peaked my kids interest and they began asking all sorts of questions. This is no surprise to me because as parents, my husband and I always valued learning and wondering.  More importantly we weren't afraid to say that "we don't have an answer, but let's look to see if we can find out more."  

When the children were little we fostered this curiosity anytime we explored the outdoors through camping trips or hiking excursions. Oftentimes I would bringing along a guide book as a resource.  Sometimes we would be brave and ask questions of the ranger or other guide near by - much to the chagrin of our children I might add!  We visited museums and reveled in Sunday adventures to new places nearby.  Asking questions and wondering was part of who we were as a family, and it was what we all loved to do!

Hearing this conversation from my "30-something" children made my heart sing. Curiosity and questioning is still alive and valued. We did our job, the values were instilled.  It gives me hope because I want the same value instilled in my grandchildren.  Looks like they are in good hands after hearing this conversation.

By the way kids, we never took the time to google the snow flea information. Maybe just being curious and asking questions is good enough.  We don't always have to have or know all the answers!  

But in case you do want to know: read here to learn more about snow fleas

Note:  They aren't really fleas, they just jump like fleas!

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  1. I would not have expected to find things hopping in the snow.

    When I was a kid, my mom was big into identifying the wildflowers on our hikes. I would stop and wait with minimal patience while she looked up an unfamiliar one in the guide. Now as I walk along the trail pointing out every plant I recognize and stopping to get acquainted with new ones, I have to smile.