Saturday, March 4, 2017

We All Need Time and Friends

Today is day 4 of the month long writing challenge sponsored by Two Writing Teachers. This is the second year I have decided to participate.  I am grateful for the people in this writing community who guide me along my writing journey.

We All Need Time and Friends

Have you ever tackled a project that was so new and big you didn't know where to start?  
Instead you thought, waited, thought some more... then avoided the project because it was so big you really couldn't get your arms around it. You don't want to use the word procrastinate because you really wanted the job to be done. It tears at you and hangs heavy each time you see the materials laying in the boxes waiting and taking up precious space...

That is what happened to me recently with a leveled library book project I was embarking on. The books were to be organized in a new way.  I knew the end goal but the path there was fuzzy, uncharted, and unknown.  Each time that I walked into my office and saw the books in piles, and not in students hands, I wanted to cry.  The project / problem weighed heavy and at times I felt helpless.  I began to wonder what was slowing me down.  I finally realized that in order for me to get this project complete I needed two things: First I needed to put aside a big chunk of time that I could dedicate to tackling the work.  It wasn't a piecemeal kind of project.  Second, I needed a sounding board, someone that I could talk through an idea and would listen to potential problems and solutions.  

Once I put those pieces into place, I was able to move forward and reach success.

Interesting...aren't those the pieces we put in place for our students when we are introducing new strategies?  Don't we all need time and a friend to learn and grow?

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