Friday, March 3, 2017

Trivia Bee

Today is day 3 of the month long writing challenge sponsored by Two Writing Teachers.  

Trivia Bee
Last night a group of colleagues and I competed in a trivia bee to benefit our local educational foundation.  We were really looking forward to this event because last year we came in second place, and might I add it was a VERY CLOSE second place, losing in a tie breaker.  When the date for this year's challenge was announced, we all knew that we had to have at it again, and this time with our goal was to win first place.   We tasted victory and we wanted desperately to go for the gold this year!

We donned our school shirts and arrived at the school ready to carry the trophy home. The night was a nail biter with our correct answers gaining large points. All night long we managed to stay in the third place spot.  We were annoyed with ourselves when a few times we waffled between two answers and chose the wrong answer causing us to seemingly fall further behind. Finally it was time for the final question.  We were tied for third place with a question regarding an OPEC country.  We were stumped and took a guess and bid 10 points.  We soon found out we had the wrong answer!  But then it was time to announce the winners.  We were delighted to hear that only one team had chosen the correct answer so we felt there was still hope.  The announcer began to call the team names and scores starting with the lowest.  He finally got to the final two.  We made it again!  Would it be us?  Would we be the winners this year?  We were on pins and needles waiting. Finally the word came through: "And the second place goes to team Elementary. We cheered! We screamed!  Second place again! Hooray! We were thrilled to be beat by only one team... team High School! 

We immediately started playing the "if only" game:  If only we had chosen that answer for question number two. If only we listened more carefully to that song, or that person. If only we hadn't bid 10 points on the final question. But in the end, we had a fun night bonding as a team and feeling good about ourselves.  When we arrived at school our names were announced with a hoop and holler, extolling our efforts to once again take second place.  Our staff spoke encouraging words and cheered us on, excited that we did so well.  Our friends made us feel like first place winners and that really was all that mattered.  

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  1. Sounds like such a fun night - I was rooting for you as I read! Love the last line - really brings the whole story home.