Monday, March 6, 2017

Weather or Whether

Today is day 6 of the month long writing challenge sponsored by Two Writing Teachers.  I am enjoying the challenge of writing and posting each day and stretching myself as a writer.  It is great to have a community to support this writing life style.

Footnote:  This poem is a little play on words.  My neighbor posts an official weather report on Twitter each hour, which I enjoy reading.  This past Saturday was cold and wintery and when I read his weather report I looked out the window and couldn't help but make up my own observations of what I thought the weather meant to me. 


  1. Enjoyed reading your creative entry to start my day. The weather (or trying to dress for it at least) was also my topic for my slice today!

  2. Whether I ever read a weather report again, without bringing it a little to life, is doubtful. Thank you for the inspiration