Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Cinquain Celebrating a New Bicycle

April is National Poetry month and I have been trying my hand at writing a few new and different (for me) formats of poems.  I do this because I believe that you can't teach it if you haven't tried writing it yourself.  This week I attempt a cinquain.  If you search for directions on how to write a cinquain, you will find many different variations, but the common thread seen was using fives lines of text with no rhyming words.

Today I write a poem to honor the new bicycle that I picked out last week.  My children surprised me at Christmas with a gift card for a new bicycle and so with last week being vacation, I finally took the time to pick it out! I just love the fact that the tides are turning and they are now buying ME a bicycle! 

Shiny, Purple
Pedaling, Shifting, Whizzing
Flying down the path

Arriving home from the bike shop with my new bicycle.
Yes, I do have a helmet!