Tuesday, April 4, 2017

An Ode to a Cupcake

Last month I challenged myself to the March Slice of Life Writing Challenge sponsored by The Two Writing Teachers.  Writing for 31 days straight was a huge time commitment but the growth was great.  I am proud to display my badge of courage.

On my last post for the March Slice of Life challenge I noted that I wanted to continue with my commitment to writing by posting a slice of life each Tuesday.  I also reflected that I enjoyed writing poetry and I wanted to try new formats.  With April marking National Poetry Month I thought I would dive right in by attempting to write an ode.  Thanks to a recent blog post on A Day in the Life for inspiring and teaching me to write an ode - or my interpretation of one!
I am writing this ode from the point of view of my granddaughter who ate her first slice of cake at her 1st birthday party this weekend.

                  Ode to a Cupcake and the First Taste of Sweetness

                     Pink and shiny treat spotted on my tray
                    Gooey goodness cover my hands
                    Squeals of the crowd, laughing with delight
                    Sweetness fills my nose
                    Sugary topping reaches my tongue...
                    Oh yum!
                    Will I ever taste anything so scrumptious again?


  1. Great idea and effective! I'll bet you have pictures that this could match!

  2. I still my remember my 30 year old daughter's first birthday and faste of cupcake! Love your word choice, from that treat spotted to sugary topping and scrumptious!

  3. If anything ever deserved an ode, it is that cupcake. I can smell the sugar in the air.