Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Lily of the Valley

Each Tuesday I write a slice of life story and join my writing friends and my writing community created by Two Writing Teachers.

When I chose joy for my one little word for 2017, I promised to write a slice a month about my word. I didn't expect it would be easy to stick with this goal but I knew that making this promise I would more readily see the joy that is in my life. I know joy is all around me, I just need to slow down and look a little closer to see it.  I didn't however expect to find it in a small vase of flowers.
The other day as I was walking into the house my eye caught a small patch of lily of the valley flowers in a side garden. They had just bloomed so I went over to take in their aroma. Instant joy filled my nose and travelled right to my memory bank with thoughts of my grandmother. I could picture that yard so vividly, with her in the gazebo surrounded by the little pips of lily of the valley flowers filling the air with their sweet scent.
I walked over to my patch and pulled out a few stems to place in a small vase for my coffee table. I chose an old bottle and filled it with water in preparation of holding the flowers. I sat and watched the tiny bubbles on the inside edge of the glass. The air bubbles caught the sunlight streaming in the windows and shone like diamonds in the bottle. 
I sat back and smiled a joy-filled smile at the sight and aroma that filled my senses. It was a joy that traveled right to the depths of my soul.  A sweet and pure joy. 


  1. Smell really is an amazing sense. It can take us right back to another time. Thanks for sharing your JOY today. I can almost smell those flowers, too!

  2. Ah- I could feel the peace and joy is your slice! I needed both!

  3. Ah- I could feel the peace and joy is your slice! I needed both!

  4. Love how certain scents and things trigger our memory and really can take us back in time.

  5. I absolutely love the smell of lilies of the valley. I can see how they brought you joy. I also like that you are writing about your OLW once a month. I think that's a great way to keep true to your OLW.

  6. Perfect slice -- true joy. Thank you for inviting us to share the moment with you.