Tuesday, June 13, 2017

#joy #blessings

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#joy #blessings

Multicolored tubes splayed across the yard
Damp bathing suits hanging willy-nilly from the rack
Boat waiting to be covered
Cushions to be put away before it rains
Empty water bottles and seltzer cans laying on the table
Glasses in the sink filled with melted ice cubes
Dirty dishes on the counter
Full dishwasher waiting to be emptied
Towels on the bathroom floor

So many things screaming at me for attention...

But it's all worth it after a weekend of fun surrounded by children and grandbabies.
#joy #blessed

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  1. Christine -- your point of view is heartfelt and so important for many of us to read. That same list could cause screaming, frustration and stress. It all goes by so quickly and we must remember to cherish the mess -- because there is joy and blessing in every mess!! Thank you.