Wednesday, July 26, 2017

#cyberpd - Dynamic Teaching for Deeper Reading: week 4

Week 4 - The final week of the #cyberpd book study on Dynamic Teaching for Deeper Reading by Vicki Vinton

I am once again amazed at how social learning is!  If I had to read this book on my own this summer I would have been overwhelmed with the contents of this book.  I would have taken notes, highlighted text, and stickied page upon page.  My learning would have been immense, but it would have been my thoughts on this idea or that.  And I probably would never even consider how to bring this to life in a classroom.  

Because of this wonderful #cyberpd group, I had to wanted to go deeper.  I needed to synthesize and reflect on my reading before creating my post.  My learning grew by leaps and bounds because of the time I spent dwelling on what I read.  But more importantly I was "privy" to the deep-thinking of so many wonderful professionals.  Reading through the posts each week made the learning even more profound.  I now have access to a classroom of deep thinkers at all times and forever.

I am so grateful for this #cyberpd group.  You have shown me the meaning of real reading and given me the opportunity to participate in a wonderful learning community! Thank you!

Below are my thoughts for this final week.  I am sorry for the light colors!


  1. Sort, Graph, Combine - Love the way you captured Vicki's teaching of main ideas. Her questions, What is a main idea? How do you figure it out when the author does not state it directly?" are so valuable. They help us know what students understand and give us a place to anchor our teaching. Can't wait for the Twitter chat on Thursday!

  2. I'm thrilled to read about the joy of this #cyberPD group brings to learning! You have clearly and eloquently stated the WHY this learning works!!! Thank you!

    Now to your sketchnotes .... love.You sure have made your thinking and learning visible! Again, thank you!

  3. Vicki's ideas about conferring were powerful - love the way that your sketch notes focus on research in conferring. Yes!